Opportunities to meet, share and learn

The easiest way to get smarter is to get together. Join our free events, chat with the experts and meet like-minded democratic innovators from around the world.


Free one hour sessions to discover inspiring stories and practical collective intelligence methods from the experts.


Hands on intensive workshops for professionals seeking to sharpen their skills.

Creative Advocacy for the Oceans

The fight for ocean protection and the promotion of sustainable and fair fishing requires creative skills. This masterclass presents the IdeaShaker,an ideation tool adapted by Dreamocracy for lobbyists.

How to mobilize creativity skills to fight climate change

The world is changing faster than your lobbying strategies. Creativity has become an essential skill for climate lobbyists. Join this 2-day masterclass to learn from collective intelligence and creativity experts.

How to harness Smarter Crowdsourcing for stronger EU policies and democracy

The complex challenges that our democracies are facing require fast and creative thinking. Discover the latest science and methods to tap into stakeholders’ and citizens’ insights and the famed “wisdom of crowds”.

Smarter Democracy Hackathons

Collaborative sprints for public servants and administration who want to foster democratic innovation

How we helped the region of Wallonia identify promising democratic innovations

A 2-day workshop with the Public Service of Wallonia to guide the region's participatory democracy efforts and identify further democratic innovations for 2024-2029

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