How to mobilize creativity skills to fight climate change

A 2-day masterclass for climate activists

If you are a Brussels climate advocate who wants to improve how you innovate and manage conflicting ideas, join this 2-day Smarter Together’s masterclass with collective intelligence and creativity experts. You will:

  • Discover the Creative Problem Solving process (CPS) to produce innovative solutions, far beyond your basic “brainstorm”.
  • Experience the dynamic balance of divergent and convergent thinking and how to use it to produce more and better ideas.
  • Enhance your creative thinking and facilitation skills by learning a diverse set of reliable ideation tools.
  • Understand Polarity Thinking so you can overcome chronic conflict and polarization.
  • Learn how to clarify the underlying values associated with each pole and the benefits of leveraging both perspectives.
  • Learn to identify early warning signals of an over-reliance on one pole and how to achieve more balanced outcomes.


3 independent sessions, half a day each:

Session 1 – Thursday 14 Sept. 9AM-1PM
Fundamentals – Pr. Todd Lubbart & Florent Vinchon
Understand the creative and psychological dimensions of political messaging and of policy-making.
Build your creativity roadmap based on the 7Cs method.

Session 2 – Thursday 14 Sept. 2PM-5.30PM
Discover Solutions – with certified coaches Ingrid de Clerq, Tim Switalski & Branko Broekman
Apply the process of Creative Problem Solving to your most immediate and pressing creative challenges. 

Session 3 – Friday 15 Sept. 9AM-1PM 
Leverage Polarities – with certified coaches Ingrid de Clerq, Tim Switalski & Branko Broekman
Respond to issues that seem irreconcilable and find creative ways to transcend conflicting perspectives.

Detailed programme


Join this event if you want to

  • scale up your strategy with the Creative Problem Solving process (CPS)
  • overcome chronic conflict and polarization thanks to Polarity Management’s method.
  • enhance your creative thinking and facilitation skills.



TALK C.E.C – Créateur d’expériences culturelles
141-143 Chaussée De Wavre 1050 IXELLES

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