Creative Advocacy for the Oceans

Learn how to develop innovative strategies for sustainable fishing
with the IdeaShaker

creativity for protection of ocean
© Photo: Francesco Ungaro, Pexels.

Unleash your creativity for the oceans in a free masterclass

Join this 3-hour masterclass to learn how to enhance your creativity and rethink your advocacy strategies in favor of fair and sustainable fishing and the protection of oceans with powerful ideation techniques.

The IdeaShaker is an ideation tool adapted by Dreamocracy for lobbyists. You will learn how to use it and more generally how to harness the key factors of team creativity.

This is open to NGOs, lobbyists, public officials, academics.
The session will end with a specialist presenting how you can improve the presentation of your ideas digitally.

Host: Margaux Vaghi, Partnerships manager of Talk C.E.C.
Guest: Bloom, an NGO that fights against the destruction of the ocean, the climate and livelihoods.

When? 29 February 2024, 3-6PM.

Where? At the cultural space Talk C.E.C. on 141-143 Chaussée de Wavre, 1050 Brussels.

The masterclass will be followed by:

6.30-8.00PM. Conference Fair fishing and sustainability : European results and perspectives on environmental impacts. Presentation of the BLOOM Association 2023 report on the fair trade fishing label by Pauline Bricault and Alessandro Manizotti.
Moderator : Pierre Fagnart, Le Soir.
More guests to be confirmed soon.

8.15-9.00PM. Musical performance by Will Bedi and Co. This piano-voice performance on the theme of the oceans is offered at this event. Let the music lull you to sleep, and end the day gently.

Register to the workshop by sending an email to: [email protected] and register to the whole event through the link below.


Masterclass’ outcomes

  • identify creative challenges faced by environment protection NGOs,
  • learn a new ideation technique drawing from creativity methods,
  • contribute to a renewed, smarter, stronger lobbying strategy in favor of ocean protection.



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