Artificial, Collective, and Emotional Intelligence: How might we combine them better?

How can we ensure a human-centered approach of AI thanks to CI and EI for stronger democracies?

AI is all the rage. Quite literally: it’s said it could destroy jobs, upend democracies, and take over human affairs.

But is our outlook entirely bleak? Could algorithms also be harnessed to make governments and societies smarter? What card does democracy have to play when it comes to using AI ethically and effectively? How can human collective intelligence provide the necessary moral guidance to AI?

This webinar is for change makers – policy makers, activists, researchers, tech experts – who want to understand how forward thinking governments are harnessing AI for better governance.

To answer these questions, Smarter Together has invited a panel of enlightened experts at the intersection of AI, CI and EI:

Join this event if you want to

  • grasp what is at stake when linking AI and democracy
  • understand how AI can influence positively governance methods thanks to CI
  • frame the discussion around a human-centered approach thanks to emotional intelligence


On Zoom

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