Uffe Elbaek

Former Minister for Culture of Denmark


Uffe Elbaek is the founder and former principal of The KaosPilots – International School of New Business Design & Social Innovation. He was elected to the City Council of Århus twice and hired by the City of Copenhagen to be the CEO for the World Outgames 2009. After running for the Danish Social-Liberal Party in the national election for the Danish Parliament in 2010, he founded the consulting company Change the Game, with a focus on leadership training, political campaigning and social innovation concepts. Besides, he has given himself the title: “Senior Troublemaker and Solution Finder”, as he feels that this is his job nowadays. Elbæk won a seat in the Folketing for the Danish Social Liberal Party in the 2011 Danish parliamentary election. In 2011 he was appointed Culture Minister of Denmark. In 2013 he resumed his work at the Folketing as an independent and later announced the formation of a new “green” political party named The Alternative. The Party did not have a traditional political program, but wanted to develop it together with the citizens through so-called “political laboratories”.

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