Mark Klein

Principal Scientist at HiveWise Inc


Dr. Mark Klein ( is a Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. His research draws from such fields as computer science, economics, operations research, and complexity science to develop computer technologies that enable greater ‘collective intelligence’ in large groups faced with complex decisions. His current projects focus on large-scale on-line deliberation, as well as negotiation protocols for complex problems. He has also made contributions in the areas of computer-supported conflict management, design rationale capture, business process re-design, exception handling in workflow and multi-agent systems, and service discovery. He has over 180 publications in these areas, including over 9,000 citations on Google scholar, 32,000 paper downloads, and an h-index of 47. He serves on the editorial boards of many prominent journals related to AI and social computing, as well as on the program committees for the premier conferences in those areas.

It turns out that adding a little bit of structure to deliberations allows the crowd to create an output which is much more organized, and compact and complete.

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