Jean de Renesse

Partner at Dreamocracy, Co-Founder Smarter Together


Over the past 20 years, one thing clearly characterizes Jean’s career: audacious entrepreneurship in developing innovative concepts. He was among the pioneers of the Internet in Belgium in the mid-1990s. He worked on the development of successful digital companies such as DAD (today Digitas LBI), Best Of Internet (Digimedia), Brussels Silicon Forest (startup incubator) and Yezzz (local Ebay’s challenger). He then set up the ‘First Tuesday’ Network in Belgium in 1999, which rapidly became the first networking forum for startups on a worldwide level. With events organized for more than 5 years, it has had a decisive impact on the emergence of the ‘Internet Economy’ in Belgium. First Tuesday Brussels thus received the prestigious ‘Insead Innovator Prize 2000’. In 2006, when mobile phones were equipped with their very first cameras, with barely a few hundred pixels, Jean launched Cinepocket, one of the first international ‘Mobile Film Festivals’. It received several thousand pocket films from 50+ countries and has contributed to the emergence of dozens of young talents. Jean has held a number of other positions in parallel, notably as Chief Editor of a mobile magazine (Comm’In), launched with Orange Belgium. He was also New Media Manager at Paperview Group, the European leader of content-based marketing solutions for the print and digital press (‘produit plus’). In 2016, he joined the Barefoot startup studio for a mission to support several projects, including ‘Blügle’, a digital platform linking brands and influencers on social networks. Always open to ‘new ways of working’ (NWOW), he launched Spacious Agency in 2018, an ecosystem and workspace development consultancy (coworking, accelerator, incubator, etc.) with clients active in real estate, retail, clubs and associations. A true citizen and entrepreneur, he collaborates (is strongly engaged) on various societal projects such as ‘303030 City Climate Challenge’, ‘Mo-Urban Mobility Movement’, Vocatio and the ‘Plateforme For Education and Talent’.

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